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cheetah illustrations
colorful easy breath cotton face masks in boho style handmade
colorful gift ideas with sticker, colorful prints and stationery

Bundles - the perfect gift idea

Colorful gift ideas for everyone who has a thing

for colors, stationery, illustrations, sticker or

anything pretty and unique...

stationery with monstera illustration

For all stationery - lovers or monstera addicts. Perfect for taking down quick notes, doing sketches or making to-do-lists.

All made of recycled paper and super pretty!

colorful peacock illustration

This pretty bird is available in four different sizes and will definitely be a great fit to your gallery wall!

Sticker Sheets

For all my sticker lovers out there - I´ve got sticker to-go. They are super handy to take with you

in your planner & easy to peel off. And they are TOTALLY affordable!

sticker sheet with colorful bird illustrations

The Birds - Sticker Sheet

3.20 €

monstera sticker sheet

Monstera - Sticker Sheet

3.40 €

colorful moth sticker sheet

The Moth - Sticker Sheet

3.20 €

Greeting Cards

Put a smile on someone´s face. Send a greeting card!

Every card is made of heavy 300g/m² paper and comes with a eco-friendly envelope made of heavy craft paper.

Monstera illustrated Miss You greeting card

Monstera - "Miss You"

flower illustrated thank you card

Lily Blue - "Thank you"