"Lily Blue"


When winter has not even arrived yet,

but you are visually longing for

spring already ...


"Lily Blue" is not really the correct name of my second favorite plant.

This plant has many names actually: Starting with its botanical name "agapanthus",

folllowed by similar names like "african agapanthus", "blue agapanthus", "african lily" or - my favorite -

""Lily of the Nile"... Since "Lily of the Nile" doesn´t quite fit into my mallorquin dream - story,

I decided to call my new collection "Lily Blue" - a simple twist of

another one of its names "Blue Lily". Why the twist?

Cuz it sounds better ;)


"Lily Blue" is a mini collection, dedicated to a beautiful plant.

A mini collection of three digitally painted pictures. Available in A3, A4 & A5 format,

as well as Mini Print (A6). Spring vibes included.



available in A3 & A4


available in A3 & A4


available in A3 & A4