" I   LOOOOOVE intense colors ... I was born in Germany and winters can get pretty long & grey over here. People are more grumpy during winter - the lack of sun,  blooming flowers and green trees is definitely a reason for that if you ask me. Colors can brighten up your day."

   I love painting - always did - paused too long. After my best friend´s death - an incredibly talented artist (www.zedtaylor.com) and one of the most inspiring & amazing human beings I have ever met in my whole life  - I felt like I had to take my brushes to be close  to him and make him proud ... Art can be therapy, most definitely... During summers I am usually pretty busy with my garden, always outside, taking care of my flowers, mowing the lawn, chasing the sun... Since I hate the cold, winters force me to stay more inside the house. That´s the time I am painting most of my pictures.   I use intense colors for my paintings.  My art is colorful and fun & makes you forget about grey, cold & rainy days ... I create happy pictures ...


"ART BY MONRAU -  colorful artwork that makes your wall pop" ...  Wanna make your wall pop?

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