"Birds of Paradise"


I fell in love.

I fell in love in Mallorca.

I fell in love with The Birds of Paradise.


"Birds of Paradise" are better known as Strelitzia - a plant that needs alot of light & warmth,

otherwise it won´t bloom. That´s why you find alot of these beauties in Mallorca -

my happy place. I fell in love with that plant. It´s not only pretty when it blooms,

but also the plant itself. One day I´m gonna have a big garden

in which you´ll definitely find alot of Strelitzias.


"Birds of Paradise" is a mini collection, dedicated to that beautiful plant.

A mini collection of three digitally painted pictures. Available in A3 & A4 format.



available in A3 & A4


available in A3 & A4


available in A3 & A4