Colorful gift ideas for everyone who has a thing thing for colors, stationery, illustrations, sticker or anything pretty and unique.

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set of colorful animal illustrations, sticker and stationery

"Color Crush Bundle"

Perfect for everyone who has a thing

for colors ...

14.00 €

Monstera Bundle - Set of Monstera illustrated greeting card, notepad and sticker

"Monstera Bundle"

The perfect Bundle for all

Monstera - Addicts ...

15.00 €

Tropical Bundle of Tiger illustration, monstera and bird sticker

"Tropicana Bundle"

Tropical mix of Tiger A5 notebook, tropical stickers and A6 Mini Print

14.00 €

Safari Bundle - small selection of safari themed art print, sticker sheet and monstera sticker

"Safari Bundle - mini"

Small colorful selection of safari themed A6 Mini Art Print and stickers ...


6.90 €

Safari Bundle - big selection of safari themed notebook, art print and stickers

"Safari Bundle - deluxe"

We call it the "deluxe" version ... Bundle of A5 notebook, A6 Mini Art Print, sticker pack and Monstera stickers ...

16.00 €

love bundle - flamingo illustration and lip illustration

"Love Bundle"

For all lovers out there ...

Bundle of A5 "Hello Sweetheart" Print, two cute stickers & A6 "Lovebirds" Mini Print ...

8.90 €