Why being selfish can be good for your health


So it´s summer now and I usually would have finished my new collection by now, have it being photographed and all up in my shop.... but POOOOOOP..... not the case. I´ve been kind of struggling with this collection. Not because of lack of ideas but lack of time. The year didn´t really start out well  to be honest. I have had a sudden hearing loss - obviously caused by stress. My doctor told me to immediately stop working in order to get fully recovered. As you might know from previous blogs - I am actually working as a hair / makeup artist and just stop working and cancelling jobs is pretty difficult when you got tons of bookings in your calendar. The time of my hearing loss OF COURSE had to happen during the busyest week of the year. I was PACKED with work. I didn´t stop working though, but tried everything possible to avoid any stress.


Finally the busy week was over and I had some time to just sleep, relax and do nothing but eat, sleep and netflix. Believe me: it´s SOOOOO hard to NOT care about things that would normally annoy or stress me. I had to learn to say no and whenever a potential stressful situation popped up (for example traffic in rush hour and stupid people that are not able to drive ) I´ve been talking to myself (in my head though) "I don´t give a fu** ... stay calm ... breath in, breath out ... OMMMMMM .... this is neither worthy to freak out about, nor wasting any energy for ...." . . SO HARD!


I recovered - *knock on wood*. Work came up and I was busy again. But I didn´t feel like painting at all. First of, because I was busy with shootings but also because it felt like it was too much. Working AND painting. So this has been a big change. I don´t paint anymore when I am busy with shootings. I allow myself having time off - having weekends. That´s the reason why this collection is taking way longer to finish. I feel sorry for the delay but it is what it is, eh? 


So hang in guys - I´m doing my best. I will be back! With a new series of HAPPY PICTURES - yay! (and a couple more blogs and instagram posts) ...


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