I am back

Helloooooooooo peepz,

I know it´s been a while, but I am back now. I took a break from social media, because I wanted to enjoy summer (yes, there has been a few nice and hot days over here in Germany).  I did not only take a break from social media, but also from painting - kinda.

I know I haven´t finished my collection yet - sorry for that. But I am not feeling like finishing it right now. I will have to postpone it to winter season I think. I will finish it, when I feel like finishing it. I wanna do it with joy. You know - happy pictures and all that ...


During this break that I took, there was a lot going on in my brain. Since I am not living my dream yet - living in the south of Europe and having my little - maybe not little, maybe "proper" is the better word - beachy studio shack - space in my house over here in Germany is pretty limited. I´ve been painting on canvas only so far. But I´ve noticed, that there is less space for it to store or even hang them (anyone wanna buy an original painting?). Soooooo, I made up my mind about that. I could rent a studio, but this is not an option for me. I prefer working from home.


The 21. century


Since we are living in the 21. century and everything is getting more and more digitalized, I´ve been doing some research about digital art / illustrating etc.... I am not a big fan of digitalization. Never will be. I watched some youtube videos, about illustrating with an ipad pro - mostly with an app called procreate. I made a list of pros and cons of drawing with an ipad. And I have to admit: there´s been more pros than cons.... There is actually two big pros that made me buy the ipad and get that app:


first one: not being dependent on daylight

Daylight is a super important thing for me, when painting on canvas. Since I mostly paint in fall and winter season, daylight is pretty rare (ohhhh boy, this sucks SOOOOO much - not only speaking from the artist side) and I am forced to stop working when the sun goes down.


second one: no more storing space problems

Like I´ve mentioned before, I am currentyl painting on canvas only. The more paintings I finish, the less space I have for storing or hang them.


So I bought that damn iPad Pro and got the app. Oh goshhhh, what a pain in the butt to learn the program...gheeeeez...I hate things like that. I´d rather have someone explaining it to me, someone who knows everything about that app, someone I can ask stupid questions (yeah, I know there is no stupid questions, but sometimes there are...) without having to watch 30 minutes of youtube tutorials just to get that 10 seconds sequence that answers my question......booooyyy...what a waste of time) - sorry for complaining. In the end I chose: Learning by doing....


How I imagine the future for "Art by Monrau"


So this is how it´s gonna look like - how I imagine the future for "Art by Monrau":

I am going to paint more with my iPad. That way I can finish my projects / collections faster and with less pressure (no more: gosh, I only have one more hour of daylight left...). There will be prints only available in my shop. A6, A4 and A3. Maybe some squared ones too, but not bigger than A3. I will be able to release more than one collection per year. I am actually planning to release a few mini collections throughout the year and maybe one or two bigger ones, that include one or two big original "old school" canvas paintings.

That´s how it looks like. That´s my plan.


During my break and learning process of how to use your iPad for drawing, I am proud to announce that I finished my first digitally painted mini collection called "Summer ain´t over".

Check it out! And let me know what you think of it.


Gonna write another blog post within the next days about my new mini collection.

Stay tuned.

Bye for now. Thanks for reading.


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