Brainstorming & weird sketching

I´ve never really had a painting "routine".


Actually I´ve never really thought about it. Or even thought. Yes, I do use my brain while painting, but never really made a plan or had an exact image in my head of how the final picture is gonna look like.

Painting is a process. The picture is slowly arising. You never really know how long it´s gonna take to finish.


Everything starts with an idea ...


When I know what to paint, I am searching for images & photos - mostly on the internet.  I usually have several photos that I save on my ipad. Photos of the whole animal, but also pictures of details like its ears, nose or eyes. Then it´s about the format & size. Squared or rectangled? Landscape or potrait? And THEN I start sketching the outlines with a pencil.  After that I usually start painting the background & let it dry. When it´s dry, I paint a detail, like the eye - using black acrylic paint only. After that I take a picture of the un-finished painting with my phone and print it.










My photographed unfinished painting,

printed on normal paper.

Sketching materials: Sharpies, pencils & markers

And then the most time consuming part starts...


What colors am I going to use? I usually go through my instagram or pinterest where I´ve saved photos that inspire me, or where I liked the colors ... These photos can be colorful house fronts, colorful walls, patterns, flowers or even ads. I start sketching on the print out, using sharpies and markers. Almost always after finishing my sketching, I change my mind about some colors. Ends up, that my sketches turn into weird, almost confusing sketches, that make sense to nobody else but me.







This is one of my weird sketches with its color inscriptions.

I almost always change my mind about some colors.

That´s why I write down all the colors, to not get confused.

Works for me :)


Of course I could paint without making a sketch first. But for me it is way easier to do the major thinking part BEFORE I start painting.

Plus, I avoid unnecessary cover-ups, because I changed my mind about a color. I used to paint without sketching before, and it took me way longer to finish, because I wasn´t sure about how some parts had to look like and ended up covering them up with white paint to start all over again. So I guess I DO have a painting routine ...

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