Future talk

I´ve already mentioned before, that I am not a fulltime "painting" artist. But I can imagine it to be - one day.

I don´t need big fame. I just want people to love my art and put a smile on their faces ( and yes, it might be helpful if some of them eventually bought my art, so I could make a living of it ... )

I wanna live somewhere warm



... preferably Spain - live in a nice natural stone finca, surrounded by lots and lots of orange and olive trees. I wanna wear flip flops all day, everyday.

My studio is gonna be in my garden, spacious and light-flooded, with big windows, an old white - washed wooden floor, a big old rustic wooden table with fresh flowers from my garden on it, rustic white shelves to storage my colors ... here and there some sea shells - for decoration - a farmers sink to wash my brushes, a small sofa or chaise lounge for creative thinking or having a break, a big height - adjustable scaffold on wheels and of course air conditioning - as summers will be super hot.

My little beach studio shack



will be surrounded by bougainvillas ( ohhhh how I love those!!! ) and there is gonna be a little terrace I can sit on, in case I need to soak in some sun strokes to boost my energy level.

How do you imagine your perfect studio?

I can already picture everything. And I know that I am going to achieve it. I consider myself as a very goal - oriented, hard - working person, that is never giving up. I get what I want, even if it might take some time. I am a typical capricorn. I have a dream slash goal and I will work hard for it to turn this dream into reality. It´s always good to stay focused on something. What are your goals?

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