How & why I name my paintings


I've been asked a couple times already, how I come up with the names for my paintings.

I have to admit: a few names are a little weird and don't seem to make any sense, but to me: IT ALL MAKES SENSE :-)

So I am trying to explain my process of creating a name for my pictures now:


Naming my paintings is actually one of the very last things I do. I never start painting a picture, knowing: this is gonna be "I speak Mandarine" .... I never even think about names for my paintings just until I really have to - for example when I exhibit them somewhere and need to make name - tags, or when I add them to my onlineshop and finally need to name them.

And then it goes super quick. I look at the painting and start brainstorming. It´s not really a thinking process. The names just somehow pop up in my brain.






"Gigi had it" for example: I looked at the picture and thought: she looks like a Gigi. With all the different shades of pink. But then I thought : "Gigi" is too short. What's the first thing that pops up to my brain when I think about "Gigi". Gigi Hadid - the model.  I can not name my picture like her. Let's split the last name - Had - id. Sounds like had - it. What about "Gigi had it". Sounds good to me. Hello  "Gigi had it" !


Of course not all my pictures have such weird names. "El Rhino" or "León" make alot of sense and are easy to understand.  Now and then I just switch to another language. And when "Das Rhinozeros" sounds better in spanish ("El Rhino") -  I take that name. Sometimes I keep it simple. Sometimes not.





"Candy is for everyone" is a great title for my candy - colored budgie.

Because of all the minty - turquoise / baby blue / pink tones, first thing that stroke my mind was "Candy", because it's all candy colors to me. And since I create happy pictures, I want everyone to be happy. And since everyone should be happy, everyone should have candies. And that's how  "Candy is for everyone" was born.


Another name - finding - method I use is: Describe what you see. A good example for that is "To the left, to the left".

To me, the most conspicuous feature of the picture is the beak that is pointing "To the left" side. Everytime I hear the phrase "to the left" I immediately think of the first verse of the song "Irreplaceable" by Beyonce´. She is singing "To the left, to the left".

Story told.






"To the left,to the left".

My colorful tucan with it's giant beak -

pointing to the left. Not to the right ;-)


I hope I could give you a little insight about how my brain works, when it´s about finding titles for my paintings. You might get the way I am thinking, you might also be even more confused by now.

A thing that I've noticed is, that you should never think about it too much. In the end, most spontaneous brain strokes happen to be the best titles.



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