The birds - when "happy pictures" were born

"THE BIRDS" has been my very first collection I´ve ever painted in my whole life. It was a challenging but very exciting process and took me around 4 months to paint. I am not a full time "painting" artist, but actually working as an artist - hair & makeup artist.

But that´s another story... Back to my collection. It all started in November 2016, when I painted my very first colorful budgie. When I was a child, my sister and me had budgies as a pet. Our favorite one was called "Kruemel" - a super trusting green / yellow colored budgie. I´ve been drawing budgies ALOT of times. I think I could even draw one with my eyes closed. In October 2016 I felt like painting. Not drawing, but actually painting - acrylic on canvas. And I wanted it to be colorful.




I guess because winter was around the corner and the

trees were about to loose their leaves, my colorful garden

flowers died and the amount of sunlight shrinked

dramatically.That´s around the time I start being

creative and productive INSIDE my house.




And back then, I decided to paint. A budgie, 30x30cm.

And I really enjoyed it.

After finishing my first budgie I thought: Hey, why not painting

a second one?

Same budgie - different colors. After finishing the

second I thought: Hey, wouldn´t it be cool to a kind of

pop art - quartett ? And so I did.



The owner of our favorite local café asked me, if I wanted to exhibit my paintings in his café, because he was still looking for an artist to exhibit next. I thought: Why not!? He told me, he needed 9 paintings until May. Very do-able. It felt good to have an actual deadline.

Sometimes it´s easier to focus and finish something, when you got someone kicking your butt. As I only had my budgie - quartett finished,

I thought about a topic. The actual theme of my upcoming exhibition. I decided to stay with the feathered buddies and called it "The Birds".


From that time on, I´ve been painting 9 extremely bright and colorful birds (actually it´s 12, because of the budgie-quartett). None of my birds is 100% realistic looking. It´s a mix of realistic - graphic - pop - art. I call them "HAPPY PICTURES".

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